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How We Can Help You Win Your DMV Hearing

Hearings are informal “mini-trials” conducted at a Department of Motor Vehicles office in front of a hearing officer who serves as both prosecutor and judge. You have the right to a hearing in most cases before DMV takes any permanent action against your driver’s license, endorsement or special certificate.

The two situations where you don’t have the right to a hearing are (1) when the Vehicle Code makes the suspension mandatory (like the one that follows a DUI conviction) and (2) when, despite receiving proper notice, you fail to request a hearing on time.

Winning your DMV hearing may mean:

It shouldn’t surprise you that motorists rarely get a fair shake when the judge deciding their fate is the same person prosecuting them. The likelihood that you will beat DMV increases dramatically when you retain a qualified DMV attorney, but we realize some drivers are going to represent themselves. For them, we’ve created this section, complete with explanations, strategies, tips and free legal forms.

See the Top 20 Hearing Defenses to get an idea about how your case might be won.

If after perusing this section you feel you need some help, give us a call. We’ve helped lots of California motorists beat the DMV, and we’d be honored to help you, too. Contact us by calling 818-570-6989 or send us an email inquiry for a prompt response.