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Is Your Commercial Driver’s License At Risk After A DUI Arrest? Defend It Now.

Every commercial driver surely realizes the value of their driving privileges. A DUI arrest brings all the risks for a commercial driver that other drivers have, such as fines, driver’s license suspension and, possibly, jail time. Even more seriously, a commercial driver may lose their livelihood if they are convicted.

If you have been accused, arrested or charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) and you make your living with your CDL, your legal status is urgent and you have no time to waste. Even if you are an employee of a trucking company that provides legal help for drivers, you should have your own attorney who is solely dedicated to protecting your future. We welcome you to contact the Law Office of Rodney Gould and learn how we can fight to help you keep your CDL after a DUI arrest if possible.

Some Basic Facts About CDLs And DUIs

The blood alcohol content (BAC) standard for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) holder who is driving a commercial vehicle is stricter than that for ordinary drivers operating private vehicles. This is one of the vulnerabilities that CDL holders need to grapple with after a DUI stop or arrest.

Legal details about DUIs and CDLs can be found in California’s Vehicle Code 23152(d). Attorney Gould can evaluate your circumstances and interpret the portions of the law that pertain to you. Meanwhile, here are some basics to be aware of:

  • A commercial driver whose breath or blood test results indicate a BAC of .04% or higher while operating a commercial vehicle is considered to be chargeable with DUI.
  • By comparison, someone (a commercial or noncommercial driver) who is tested after being stopped while driving a noncommercial vehicle is subject to arrest if their BAC is .08% or higher.
  • Anyone who is driving a commercial or noncommercial vehicle can also be convicted of DUI if they are impaired even though their BAC may be lower than the stated thresholds.

A CDL holder can have their commercial license suspended after a DUI conviction regardless of whether they were driving a commercial vehicle when they were stopped. In addition, they may serve up to a year in prison and owe fines of $1,000. They may also be required to attend a court-mandated DUI school. If someone is injured in a crash, the CDL holder may end up with a felony on their record.

A second DUI conviction will result in a revocation of a CDL for life, according to both California and federal laws. To avoid such a possibility, you should take an aggressive no-holds-barred approach to your defense after a first DUI arrest.

An Aggressive Defense Is Critical

Learn how attorney Gould may protect your livelihood as a commercial driver by fighting a license suspension after a DUI arrest. Fighting driver’s license suspensions is his firm’s only focus; give yourself the benefit of experienced representation for the sake of your commercial driving career and overall future.

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