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Win Your Mandatory Suspension

While a Department of Motor Vehicles mandatory action is supposed to be, well, mandatory upon the occurrence of the triggering event, certain avenues of negotiation can prove fruitful in the appropriate case.

For example, if the mandatory suspension arises because DMV discovers you took the wrong DUI class (even though you took the class DMV told you to), a legal defense called estoppel may prevent DMV from insisting you take the correct one.

These negotiations require that you hire a lawyer because the threat of a writ of mandate is the only leverage the motorist has in these negotiations, and that leverage is difficult to exploit without a law license.

If you have been threatened or punished by a DMV mandatory action, give the Law Office of Rodney Gould in Sherman Oaks a call. We will put our resources to work for you. Call 818-570-6989 or email Beat DMV at our firm to ask for a free evaluation.