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Suspensions And Revocations — All Too Common In Our State!

The California Department of Motor Vehicles suspends or revokes hundreds of thousands of driver’s licenses every year — more than the next four states combined! It surprises people to learn that the DMV employee who decides whether to suspend a license is not a judge or lawyer, but a hearing officer with no legal training whatsoever. (A “hearing officer” is often a drive test examiner who got promoted and got an office.)

Compounding the hearing officers’ ignorance of the law is the anti-motorist climate at DMV Driver Safety. Once you’re in their cross-hairs, it is impossible to get a fair shake, because they are going to suspend you if they can. One hearing officer recently described her job by saying, “I suspend licenses for a living.” The good news is that we can use their ignorance of the law and unfair attitudes against them.

Many hearing officers are unaware that their administrative hearings are governed by the Administrative Procedures Act as well as the Vehicle Code, and they must comply with both. In their rush to suspend driver’s licenses, they often skip over requirements, commit errors of law and break rules.

Beat DMV With Our Help

That’s where we come in. If DMV has suspended your license — or even started suspension proceedings against you — don’t go it alone. We can help protect your license and in many cases even make DMV pay for our fees. Call or email Beat DMV in Sherman Oaks for a free evaluation about your potential:

Our DMV attorneys are well qualified to beat DVM and beat your suspension. Call 818-570-6989 or email us to request a case evaluation.

Client Testimonial

“Rodney Gould got us a writ of mandate in San Bernardino when DMV unfairly suspended my son for zero tolerance. In court, the judge took our side on every issue! Rodney is a wonderful, wonderful man and has been there for our family through one of the most difficult times in my life. My husband and I are very appreciative.” — Becky J., San Bernardino.