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Beat DMV With The Law Office Of Rodney Gould

What are we doing differently that makes us the premier DMV law firm in California?

The Law Office of Rodney Gould is a new kind of law firm and Beat DMV is a major focus.

Drawing from our combined skills as former civil prosecutors, police officers, scientists and computer programmers, we approach cases like no other California lawyers. Equally comfortable arguing in federal court and trending on social media, we know what it takes to win cases in the 21st century.

And win them we do! When we win, our clients find the avenues they need to preserve their all-important driving privileges.

Our Reputation For Success

We have worked hard to earn the strong reputation that sends new clients to us time and again. Other lawyers enlist our help or send clients to us. Past clients testify to our effectiveness. See the testimonies below and others throughout the website. Explore our DMV library, too, to get an idea about the many challenging factors we are prepared to overcome for you.

Our Services And Areas Of Practice

Our legal services cover the following areas of importance to many people facing DMV problems:

Driver’s licenses, endorsements and special certificates: Which apply to your situation?

DMV investigations and hearings: We can prepare you and represent you as you face DMV agents.

Winning DMV hearings: This is a main area of focus of our law practice.

Understanding hearing defenses: We are ready to apply effective defenses for you.

Suspensions and revocations: We are here to help you overcome the loss of your driving privileges if at all possible.

Writs and appeals: Learn about the legal nitty-gritty behind the methods we may use in your case.

What Others Say About Us

Attorney Referral

“DMV isn’t fair nor do they follow the law 100 percent of the time. Sometimes, you need a writ attorney to step in and fight the DMV on appeal. Rodney Gould is the only attorney I will refer possible writ cases to. Every one of my clients Mr. Gould retained for writ has resulted in a reversal of the DMV decision as well as a stay of suspension. I endorse Mr. Gould and look forward to working with him in the future.” — Julia Simmons, Esq..

Client Testimonial

“Rodney Gould not only got my license back, but also made DMV pay my attorney’s fees! The judge was so impressed with the way Rodney presented my case that he hammered the DMV attorney in front of everybody!” — Matt S., Palm Springs.

We Can Help You, Too

To learn how we can help you as we have helped others, call or send an email inquiry through this website. We would be glad to share how we can tackle your DMV case, no matter how complex it may seem.