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When Investigations Lead To Interviews And Re-Examinations

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has broad authority to launch investigations into the driving practices of any motorist licensed in California. In fact, any reason that would justify the refusal to issue a license in the first place will justify an investigation into whether it should be suspended or revoked.

DMV doesn’t have to tell you that it has launched an investigation; you will be notified only if the investigation results in an interview, re-examination or suspension. (As a practical matter, almost all investigations result in at least an interview, because they’re usually only started once such grounds exist.)

An investigation may result in a simple interview or in a re-examination where you have to submit medical records proving you’re safe to drive. You may have to retake the written test or do the driving test again to prove your skills. If the investigation determines that you pose an immediate risk to the public, your license can be suspended immediately pending your successful completion of these steps.

You should consult a qualified DMV lawyer immediately upon learning that DMV has started an investigation into your ability to drive. Call us at Beat DMV (a division of the Law Office of Rodney Gould) — at 818-570-6989 — or send an email to request a consultation. We can prepare you for your interview or re-examination and help you start on your path to a win.