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About The DMV Interview Process

The Department of Motor Vehicles interview is the second level of action against a motorist’s driver’s license (after investigations) that might lead to probation, suspension or revocation. It is an informal conference with a DMV hearing officer that allows the hearing officer to perform visual and mental assessments of a motorist and to review documentation provided by the motorist. An interview will result in either the closure of the case or an escalation of the action to probation, suspension or revocation. An interview does not provide for discovery ahead of time and may be conducted by telephone or in person.

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The Fine Print

Note: The Vehicle Code does not expressly authorize an interview, using instead the term “re-examination” in Section 13801 to cover all actions between the initial investigation and probation/suspension/revocation. Internally, however, DMV uses the term “interview” for an informal conference with a motorist and reserves the term “re-examination” for situations where more is required of the motorist, such as providing medical documentation or retaking the written or driving examinations.


VC 13801