We Fight DMV To Protect Your Driving Privileges

If your license has been suspended or if you are facing suspension, we can help. Our firm focuses solely on protecting your driving privileges. We handle all types of DMV cases, including suspensions and revocations, investigations and hearings, and writs and appeals. Don’t give up when faced with losing your license. We can beat the odds so you can stay on the road. From DUI license suspension to elder driver’s licenses, commercial licenses and other DMV cases, our firm fights for you.

We Fight For Drivers Throughout California Facing The Loss Of Their Driver’s License

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Overcome Administration Suspensions And Avoid Mandatory Suspensions

California’s DMV suspends about 350,000 driver’s licenses each year. At The Law Office of Rodney Gould, we know that having your driver’s license suspended affects every aspect of your life, from earning a living to grocery shopping and leisure activities. Not being able to drive is a real hardship. We are here to help you overcome the odds.

If you are facing the loss of your driver’s license, you need an attorney who understands how to fight the DMV. Our founding attorney, Rodney Gould, has been defending clients’ driving privileges for over two decades, and he knows how to get results. Because DMV hearings are virtual, we help clients throughout California.

Put A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

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Rodney Gould

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There Is Hope Wherever You Are In The Process

We take on challenging license suspension and license revocation cases for clients throughout California. Even if your license has already been suspended, don’t give up.

Our team includes DMV attorneys, forensic toxicologists, insurance experts and retired law enforcement officers, so whether you’re trying to get a license, renew it or keep it, we can provide you a comprehensive strategy to solve your DMV problem. In many cases, we can even make the DMV pay our fees.

If you are facing a driver’s license suspension for any reason, call us today. We can help.