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Should I request a hearing after a license suspension?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

The prospect of losing your driving privileges can be nerve-wracking. After all, losing your driver’s license can significantly change your daily routine. Suddenly, it isn’t as easy to pick up groceries, run errands or attend important appointments. Even though there are other options available, nothing beats being able to hop in the car and do it yourself.

The California DMV may suspend your license for several reasons. But regardless of the reason, unless you pose an immediate safety risk to other drivers while you have a license, the DMV will usually allow you to request a hearing. However, in some cases they may even require you to attend a hearing.

Physical and mental condition hearings

If the DMV does not immediately suspend your license, they may still ask you to attend a physical and mental condition hearing. This hearing assesses whether you have the physical and mental capacity to have a driver’s license.

This does not automatically discriminate against you if you do have a physical or mental disability. It only determines whether that condition makes it unsafe for you to be out on the road.

In this hearing, you’ll have to meet physical and mental requirements such as having:

  • Adequate sensory functions
  • Knowledge of the rules of the road
  • Strength and dexterity to operate vehicle controls
  • Ability to check mirrors and check blind spot over shoulder
  • Sufficient focus on tasks
  • Good judgement

Administrative hearings

If the DMV does not ask you in for a physical and mental evaluation, you can request an administrative hearing with them. It can be worth your time to schedule a hearing with the DMV. Doing so allows you to present your case and may delay or even put a stop to your license suspension.

Even if you do face immediate license suspension, you have the right to appeal the DMV’s decision by requesting a hearing. Any strong and relevant evidence that can prove you deserve to keep your driving privileges can help you gain back your driving privileges.