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How a DMV Writ Attorney Can Help Before Your Hearing

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2013 | Library

Of course, the best way to preserve your license is not to lose it in the first place. Often the most valuable service we can provide is the advice that helps your attorney win the DMV hearing and avoid a suspension entirely.

we realize that even top-notch trial attorneys may not be experts at the intricate (some would say “Byzantine”) rules and policies of DMV. Indeed, the skills that put an attorney at the top of her profession in court may not serve her at DMV. A lawyer expecting any kind of fair game will be disappointed at a hearing where the prosecutor and the judge are the same person.

For a small fee, we will review your DMV case and provide a written report to your attorney. We will outline the best defenses as we see them, and alert your attorney to any weaknesses in the case. In most cases, we can suggest objections and evidence you will want to put into the record to enhance your chances of getting a DMV writ if you lose the hearing.

For a slightly higher fee, we will handle your DMV hearing entirely, putting the full measure of my DMV experience to work for you at the hearing.

If you think we might be able to help you with your DMV hearing, have your attorney give me a call. Or, if you don’t have an attorney, give me a call yourself.