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Marijuana Testing Archives

Metro: Marijuana impairment rising among drivers

LAS VEGAS - Metro Police said they have a huge problem on their hands when it comes to people using marijuana and driving. During the last three years, Metro's forensics lab screened 4,500 blood samples for marijuana with the bulk of those being impaired drivers. In Crystal Hill's home, there are memories and pictures of her 18-year-old son Jesse. Jesse died January 1 while walking with his girlfriend. The two were near the family's home when a car slammed into them. Court records show the driver, Christian Diaz, had seven times the legal amount of marijuana in his blood.

CDOT Launches New Campaign to Target Marijuana Impaired Driving

STATEWIDE-Colorado made history this year by becoming the first state to sell marijuana to anyone over the age of 21. At a press conference this afternoon, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) made history again by announcing the launch of an education campaign targeted at drivers about the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana.

Study: Fatal Car Crashes by Marijuana Smokers up 300% over Last Decade

Fatal Crashes involving marijuana use tripled during the previous decade, according to researchers from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. The pot related accidents have helped fuel the overall increase in drugged-driving traffic deaths.

As widespread acceptance of marijuana becomes the norm in the U.S., demonstrated by recent legalization laws in Colorado and Washington, many experts fear a continuing upward spiral of marijuana related traffic injuries and deaths. "Currently, one of nine drivers involved in fatal crashes would test positive for marijuana," said co-author Dr. Guohua Li, director of the Center for Injury Epidemiology and Prevention at Columbia. "If this trend continues, in five or six years non-alcohol drugs will overtake alcohol to become the most common substance involved in deaths related to impaired driving."

Marijuana and DUI: What Californians Need to Know

California continues its seemingly inexorable march toward marijuana legalization, but even if weed becomes legal, driving under the influence won't. Tens of thousands will still be prosecuted for allegedly driving when their ability to see, think or operate their motor vehicle is impaired by any psychoactive substance, including weed. Here's a run-down on current California drugged driving law, how people get popped for it, what the punishments are, and how to act right.