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DUIs For Even a Trace of Weed Being Considered in California

A proposal in the state legislature could mean DUIs for drivers who aren't stoned but who toked a few days ago.
It would also target motorists who have even a trace of such prescription drugs as Ambien, Vicodin or even phentermine, a diet drug, in their systems when they're stopped by cops who think they're impaired.
Medical marijuana supporters are aghast. And they might have good reason to be:
Weed's main ingredient, THC, can stay in your bloodstream for a few days, even if you're long past being stoned. The cannabis community says laws like this (which was also proposed last year, unsuccessfully) will have the effect of persecuting regular medicinal users.
The bill, AB 2500, was recently introduced by Assemblyman Jim Frazier. It would mean that any detected amount of any controlled substance, including some prescription medicines, would be cause for a drunk-driving conviction.
We reached out to Frazier's people for his take on this, but we had yet to hear back. According to the language of the legislation:

Marijuana and DUI: What Californians Need to Know

California continues its seemingly inexorable march toward marijuana legalization, but even if weed becomes legal, driving under the influence won't. Tens of thousands will still be prosecuted for allegedly driving when their ability to see, think or operate their motor vehicle is impaired by any psychoactive substance, including weed. Here's a run-down on current California drugged driving law, how people get popped for it, what the punishments are, and how to act right.