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Latest DMV glitch leaves thousands without licenses

DMVs across California have a reputation and with good reason. Long wait times are common and mistakes can take weeks or months to resolve.

For some, this frustration became even more pronounced when they tried to apply for a Real ID. Thousands of people waited over three months for their new IDs to show up, in some cases forced to drive with expired licenses. Many are still waiting.

Why did this happen?

California tried to offset wait times for Real IDs by sending out early expiration notices. Instead of getting a 90-day or 60-day notice, customers received a 150-day notice.

Unfortunately, the DMV system couldn't process renewals that far ahead of time. This led to people being charged but no records of those transactions by the department.

The miscommunication has left people stuck with expired driver’s licenses. Many have no way of knowing if they’ll ever get the Real ID cards they’ve paid for.

A system-wide problem

The delay in Real ID distribution is just another example of the issues people face working with the DMV. The lengthy waits for a simple driver’s license or identification card renewal demonstrate how frustrating it can be when something goes wrong.

If you’re a commercial driver, waiting three months to get an updated license can cost you thousands in missed job opportunities or hourly pay. It can be even more extreme when you are waiting to appeal a suspension or revocation.

Drivers facing a suspended commercial license can’t afford to wait. When your career is on the line, don’t hope for a quick resolution from the DMV. Be proactive and speak with a skilled attorney about your situation. They can help you get back on the road and back to work.

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