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Can I drive with a suspended license?

Having your license suspended can be a major inconvenience. Daily errands become more difficult to complete. Traveling to and from work or school can be a hassle. Seeing family or friends who live far away might become nearly impossible. You might even have to spend additional money on public transportation or rideshare services like Uber to get around.

However, driving with a suspended license can lead to a longer suspension period and sometimes even license revocation. You're also likely to receive costly fines, and in some cases, you could face arrest or jail time.

While it may seem like navigating your life with a suspended license is impossible, there is an option out there that makes it possible for you to start driving again before the DMV lifts your suspension.

Apply for a restricted license

You can always wait out your suspension period. However, some license suspensions can last years. If you cannot wait that long, applying for a restricted driver's license may be an option for you.

A restricted license allows those with suspended licenses to drive under certain restrictions, which include:

  • Driving to and from work
  • Driving your children to and from school if no public transportation is available
  • Driving family members to the hospital in a medical emergency

Who can apply?

Depending on your situation, you may or may not be eligible to apply for a restricted license. Those who were found uninsured after a car accident can usually apply for a restricted license during the course of the mandatory year-long suspension.

Drivers with commercial driver's licenses are not eligible unless they pay a $250 fee plus additional charges and file proof of financial responsibility.

If you are facing license suspension because of a DUI, you'll likely have to enroll in a DUI offender program and provide proof of insurance before you can apply for a restricted license.

Review your options

While applying for a restricted license does not fully lift your suspension, it can make your life a little easier. Other times, you might want to fight your suspension in its entirety. You may get your charges reduced or dropped altogether if you have a strong case.

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