Beat DMV And Keep Driving

California's DMV suspends about 350,000 driver licenses a year — more than New York, Texas, Illinois and Florida combined! And that does not include the license applications DMV denies or the renewals DMV refuses.

Even though DMV is usually required to give you a hearing before any adverse action becomes permanent, these hearings are so unfair that only about seven percent of motorists ever beat DMV. The rules are complex and grossly favor DMV, and when you get to the hearing, you find that the DMV prosecutor is the same person who decides your case. We're here to help you overcome the odds.

Beat DMV

Even if your license has already been suspended, there is still hope. We are ready to take on challenging license suspension and license revocation cases for clients throughout the Los Angeles metro area and beyond. In many cases, we can even make DMV pay our fees.

Our Beat DMV guides explain proven techniques that can beat DMV at its own game. Our team includes DMV attorneys, forensic toxicologists, insurance experts and retired law enforcement officers, so whether you're trying to get a license, renew it or keep it, we can provide you a comprehensive strategy to solve your entire DMV problem.

Writs And Appeals To Beat DMV

Writs and appeals are two methods for overturning adverse decisions by state agencies and superior courts. Both are considered appellate remedies, but they operate differently, depending on the nature of the adverse decision. In most cases, you can ask a superior court judge to issue an order called a writ of mandate to force DMV to give you your license back. You'll need a lawyer to get a writ. We are here to help.

When Not Driving Is Not An Option — Contact Us

If you're suspended now, call 818-570-6989 immediately or send an email to Beat DMV at the Law Office of Rodney Gould to learn how we can help you get your license back.